January 7, 2013

As of Januury 4 RefWorks has made available an improved version of Write-n-Cite 4. According to RefWorks "this version includes the following:

New Features:

1) Significant improvement to synching of references with RefWorks accounts.
2) Removal of 2000 citation limit
3) Improved User Interface for insert/edit citation.
4) Relocation of the “Reapply Output Style” from the Preferences area to the main toolbar.
5) Auto-updating messaging improved and updated.

Updates & Bug fixes:
1) Spaces in Prefix now being honored correctly.
2) Corrected issues related to long author fields breaking “recently inserted” functionality.
3) Inserting two numbered citations together no longer causes font changes.
4) Fixed error that displayed a new reference in the compose citation window when editing an existing citation.
5) The “Not in Folder” folder now displays more than only the first 1000 references that are not in a folder.
6) A/B appending is now in alphabetical order for in-text citations in Word 2007.
7) Repeat authors now handled correctly when creating a bibliography with Chicago number style.

For your own computer you can get the latest version from the Write-N-Cite download page in your RefWorks account."

Please note that these are improvements over earlier versions of Write-n-Cite 4. University computers still have WNC3 installed because of sub par performance of those earlier versions.

We will again test and consider to request ICT-SC installation on UU PC's.

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