December 12, 2013

Abolishing the Group Code

After a short delay RefWorks has now implemented the first steps towards abolishing the need to use the group code, as outlined in the earlier post on the group code.

December 10, 2013

RefWorks revokes abolishing need for Group code

Immediately after introducing changes to logging in procedures yesterday, abolishing the need to use the group code outside institutional IP-range and library proxies, RefWorks revoked the change. So now eveything is back as it was. There is no new date set for another try to do away with the group code. The library regrets the inconvenience the previous message may have caused.

December 9, 2013

RefWorks Group Code abolished, but not for everything and the timing differs

RefWorks Group Code abolished, but not for everything and the timing differs
In the past years, when using RefWorks sometimes you needed the Group Code to log in. This is going to change. The need to use the Group Code is abolished as of today for the RefWorks website and soon also for Write-n-Cite 4 (within Word). It will remain in use for Write-n-Cite III however.
RefWorks website:
Once you have your RefWorks account you can log in to RefWorks from anywhere with your chosen RefWorks credentials. As of today it is not needed anymore to use a group code or library proxy.

Logging in to Write-N-Cite 4 (within Word):

The RefWorks development team will be removing the need for the group code when logging in to WNC 4 in an upcoming release. After installing that you will not be asked for the group code anymore. On youre own computer you can install this new release as soon as it is available. On university computers it may take some weeks before the update will be installed.
Until then, users will log in with WNC4 using one of the the current methods:

  • either with the group code + login name + password
  • or with the authentication code provided on the RefWorks website (on the WNC download page in the tools menu)

Loggging in to Write-n-Cite III
WNC III users will continue logging in with their group code/login name/password or via proxy configuration if off-campus. RefWorks will not be removing the group code requirement from the WNC III login page.

Restriction for setting up a RefWorks account: only in UU IP-range
The restriction is that you can only create a RefWorks account if you are inside the Utrecht University IP-range. That means that for creating an account you need to either use a Utrecht University computer, be connected via the Utrecht Eduroam wireless or visit the RefWorks site through the library proxy.

September 4, 2013

Write-n-Cite 4 on Windows 7 machines

On all Windows 7 machines in the UU Write-n-Cite 4 has been installed. This includes all PC's in the library and all computer rooms.

August 20, 2013

RefWorks unavailable 25 August

Sunday, August 25, RefWorks wil be unavailable from 4-10 AM (Utrecht/Amsterdam time) due to maintenance.

March 7, 2013

Easier exporting and list creating

RefWorks now allows much easier export of references and folders in various formats and easier creating of lists of references in your favourite output style. Using the right mouse click functions on one of your folders, you have many options, including very easy and fast exporting and creation of lists:

You can also select single or multiple references and use the right mouse functions on the selected button:

More information in the RefWorks helpfiles:

Creating a simple reference list

January 7, 2013

As of Januury 4 RefWorks has made available an improved version of Write-n-Cite 4. According to RefWorks "this version includes the following:

New Features:

1) Significant improvement to synching of references with RefWorks accounts.
2) Removal of 2000 citation limit
3) Improved User Interface for insert/edit citation.
4) Relocation of the “Reapply Output Style” from the Preferences area to the main toolbar.
5) Auto-updating messaging improved and updated.

Updates & Bug fixes:
1) Spaces in Prefix now being honored correctly.
2) Corrected issues related to long author fields breaking “recently inserted” functionality.
3) Inserting two numbered citations together no longer causes font changes.
4) Fixed error that displayed a new reference in the compose citation window when editing an existing citation.
5) The “Not in Folder” folder now displays more than only the first 1000 references that are not in a folder.
6) A/B appending is now in alphabetical order for in-text citations in Word 2007.
7) Repeat authors now handled correctly when creating a bibliography with Chicago number style.

For your own computer you can get the latest version from the Write-N-Cite download page in your RefWorks account."

Please note that these are improvements over earlier versions of Write-n-Cite 4. University computers still have WNC3 installed because of sub par performance of those earlier versions.

We will again test and consider to request ICT-SC installation on UU PC's.