January 29, 2010

Off campus export problem from Sociological Abstracts solved

The problem of not being recognised off campus by RefWorks when exporting from Sociological Abstracts and other CSA databases (LISA, ERIC, MLA) has been solved. After logging in to these databases using the links on the library website you are automatically recognised by RefWorks as UU-authorised user and only need to log in with your RefWorks username and password. No need for using a groupcode.

January 11, 2010

Scopus direct export problem solved

Direct export from Scopus to RefWorks is working again. There is no need anymore to save/import RIS files with Scopus references.

January 7, 2010

Scopus direct export out of order

Since the recent server changes at RefWorks the direct export from Scopus is not working. Both RefWorks and Scopus are aware of the problem and working to get it solved. In the meantime to import references from Scopus please use the output option to save these in a RIS file. In RefWorks choose import form the references menu and use RIS format as import filter and Scopus as database. We will inform you as soon as the direct export will be working again.