September 30, 2010

RefWorks performance back to normal

Performance issues seem to be resolved. If any of you in the UU community still experience substandard reaction times on the RefWorks servers, please let us know.

September 24, 2010

Refworks slowness

RefWorks slowness (24-9-2010, 12:00 UTC)

RefWorks has become menacingly slow over the last few weeks. This has been reported to RefWorks. It is a worldwide problem. The main problem (servers that are for unclear reasons declining requests) has been solved. One should be able to access one's account. However we gather that the site is still unworkably slow and take that very seriously. We have contacted RefWorks again urging them to take immediate action to improve the situation.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and time lost.

Jeroen Bosman

On behalf of the University Library.

Refworks community on LinkedIn

For active members of LinkedIn: this social network has a Refworks Users Group. This group counts 38 members now.

Google Scholar: Import to Refworks moved

From LinkedIn this message by our colleague from the Erasmus University Rotterdam
Judith Gulpers: 'Hello, while giving a RefWorks-workshop this afternoon I saw that in Google Scholar the option to select Import to RefWorks has moved. You have to select Scholar Preferences in the right upper corner'.