March 12, 2008

Change habits and enjoy the greatly improved import off-campus

As of today the library offers a new way a accessing licensed journals and databases off-campus. We no longer use MyUU, but instead advise students and researchers to use the library website. When using the journal listing in Omega or the list of databases you will be routed via a new proxy server. Because Refworks also operates under this system there is now a far greater number of databases from which there is a simple 2-4 click direct import when working off-campus.

This improved way of working at home with Refworks was already available for Scopus and Omega, but now you get the same seamless experience using e.g. Ebsco, PsycInfo, GeoRef, Highwire, JSTOR, Science Direct and many others. The most important ones are listed is on the RefWork support page (in Dutch, in English) made by the library.
The same list shows that there are some exceptions where accessing RefWorks using the group code is better: Google Scholar and Worldcat. Please read the notes on the support page.

But the message is: when accessing your RefWorks database do not use but

You will be prompted to login with your Studentnumber or SolisID if you are off campus and then sent on to RefWorks where you can login to your RefWorks account.

Alternatively, click Refworks in the list of databases on the library website.

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